On April 1st Todd Norton and two Murrow College graduate students will be running a university sponsored seminar titled “Water and People: A Challenging Environment for Change.”  The event is is sponsored by Washington State University’s Center for Environmental Research, Education and Outreach (CEREO). Todd will be joined by Kakali Chakrabarti (PhD student) and Brian Anderson (MA student).

Here’s a brief description of the seminar:

Human relationship with water is in no way a new area of study. However, the human relationship with water is becoming at once more critical and complex as water supplies diminish and are degraded throughout the world. Together our research team hopes to better understand the complicated role various aspects of human existence have on our relationship with water and how those dynamics press upon us to cultivate or stall change at the individual and collective levels. Human dynamics including psychological, personal, social, cultural, and political all impact both human knowledge and perceptions about water and the likelihood of change in response to information about water contaminants. Our objective in this presentation is to summarize many—not all!—of these human dynamics and their role vis-à-vis human behavior change with regard to contaminants.