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Pipsqueak Installation

To install the macro:
PIPSQUEAK can be run on either FIJI or ImageJ, but to receive automatic updates to the macro, you must use FIJI and add PIPSQUEAK to your FIJI Update Sites. To do this, follow the instructions below. To use ImageJ, you will have to download and install PIPSQUEAK manually.
  • Open FIJI (or download it here: ).
  • Once FIJI is installed and opened, go to Help > Update.
  • Then, click Manage Update Sites
  • Then, click Add Update Site
  • In the center field, enter:
  • In the “Hosts” column, enter: webdav:PIPSQUEAK
  • Press enter
  • Then, click Close
  • Then, click Advanced
  • From there, you should see at the top: “PIPSQUEAK.txt
  • Click it and then click Install, and then Apply changes
  • It will install and prompt you to restart FIJI

After restarting, and go to Plugins > Macros > Install

It should have directed you to the macro folder in FIJI, where you’ll click  PIPSQUEAK.txt
Then the macro should be listed in Plugins > Macros
Every time you restart FIJI you’ll have to reinstall the macro (Plugins > Macros > Install)
If you want it to install automatically on start up, go to Plugins > Macros > Edit, then choose your “AutoRun_Scripts.imj” file. Then:
In FIJI add the lines:
run(“Install…”, “install=/Applications/”);
In FIJI add the lines:
run(“Install…”, “install=[LOCATION OF FIJI ON YOUR COMPUTER]/Macros/PIPSQUEAK.txt”);
Save, restart, and enjoy!
About the macro
New! Instructional videos:
  • Installation