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Electrochemical Engineering Lab Sustainable Energy

Welcome to the Electrochemical Engineering Lab!

Research Vision

My research vision is to develop efficient yet affordable energy storage systems in order to protect the environment.  The efficiency could be related to two concepts: (1) the minimal usage of natural resources to make the system and (2) the minimal usage of energy to accomplish the same task.  In both of the cases, electrochemical model can be very helpful to optimize the design and the usage of the energy.

Group News

April 2019: Armin gave a poster presentation at the Research Showcase at WSU Vancouver.

January 2019: Mr. Al-Mustasin Abir Hossain has joined the research group.

November 2018: Dr. Seung Hyun Chung has joined the research group as a visiting scholar.

August 2018: Mr. Armin Abbasalinejad has joined the research group.

August 2018: Dr. Sun Ung Kim has joined the Washington State University, Vancouver as an Assistant Professor, effective August 16, 2018.