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Suzanne Smith's Research Human Development

Recent Publications

  • Smith, S.R. (2008). “Social change among the Hutterites: Romantic love and child rearing. The Hutterite Journal.
  • Smith, S.R., & Hammond, R. (2012). Exploring Family Theories. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.
  • Smith, S.R., & Ingoldsby, B. (2009). The role of discipline in Hutterite child rearing. Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal.
  • Ingoldsby, B., & Smith, S.R. (2005). Public school teachers perspectives on the contemporary Hutterite family. Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 36 (2), 249-265.
  • Smith, S.R., & Ingoldsby, B. (2005). Courtship and moral reasoning of Hutterian youth. Communal Societies, 25, 113-126.