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Thiessen Lab Site ChE 332 Spring 2019 - DLM Instructions

Step 1: Pick up the parts for the venturi experiment

Packaged parts for the venturi experiment.





Step 4: Place venturi on support stand

Insert the bottom of the venturi cartridge into the slots in the support stand as shown.

Step 7: Begin experiments

Turn on the pump with the switch on the black battery holder. Some water may overflow the manometer tubes requiring you to decrease the flow rate. Adjust the blue valve to change the flow rate. Measure the height of water in the tubes following the worksheet instructions.



Step 2: Make sure you have all of these parts

  • Venturi DLM cartridge
  • Two beakers (one with volume markings)
  • Pump assembly (power switch is on black battery holder)
  • Support stand (two triangular legs and crossbar)
  • Food tray
  • Ruler and dry-erase marker

Step 5: Complete the setup

Place the pump into the plain beaker as shown and connect the hose to the u-bend on the venturi inlet. The venturi outlet tube should be over the beaker as shown.



Step 3: Assemble the DLM support stand

Note that the slots in the legs have a notch at the top to accomodate the DLM cartridge. These notches should be oriented in the same direction. Then, insert the crossbar into the slots on the legs as shown.


Step 6: Pour water into beaker with pump

Obtain water with food coloring in the spare beaker and pour into the beaker with the pump. Make sure that the venturi outlet tube is entering the beaker as shown.