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WSUV Health and Social Psychology Research Lab

Lab Director

Renee E. Magnan, Ph.D.


  • BA, Psychology, New Mexico State University, 2003.
  • MS, Social and Health Psychology, North Dakota State University, 2005.
  • PhD, Social and Health Psychology, North Dakota State University, 2008.

Research Interests: A general theme of my research is the relationship of affect and health behavior. I am interested in both how one’s feelings about health behaviors may influence their decisions to engage in health behavior and also how health behaviors may influence one’s feelings. Both perspectives can provide important insight to identify targets for interventions to prevent negative health consequences and promote wellness. 

Responsibilities: I am the director of the WHSPR lab and an associate professor of psychology at Washington State University in the Experimental Psychology Program. I currently serve as the Director of Experimental Training for the Experimental Psychology Graduate Program at WSU (across all campuses). I am also a core faculty of the WSU Translational Addiction Research Center and involved with the WSU Center for Cannabis Policy, Research, and Outreach (CCPO).   

I teach the following courses:

  • Psych 312: Experimental Methods in Psychology
  • Psych 320: Health Psychology
  • Psych 350: Social Psychology
  • Psych 523: Graduate health psychology seminar (multi-campus)
  • Psych 550: Graduate social psychology seminar (multi-campus)

About me:  I enjoy being outside hiking and running, and often spend my free time training for various events.