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Winuthayanon Lab Lab Members

Lab members



Principal Investigator
Wipawee “Joy” Winuthayanon, Ph.D., BS.N.
Assistant Professor
School of Molecular Biosciences
Center for Reproductive Biology
Faculty Mentor, Team Mentoring Program (TMP)
Faculty Research Mentor, Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP)


Dr. Winuthayanon completed a BS.N. (Nursing Science and Midwifery) in 2002 and her Ph.D. (Physiology) in 2009 both from Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand. Because of her interest in women’s health, she underwent training in midwifery for several months during her final year of nursing school. To integrate basic science knowledge with clinical relevance, Dr. Winuthayanon has directed her interests towards a career path in reproductive sciences focusing on the reproductive physiology in women. Her post-doctoral research at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS/NIH) was focusing on the estrogen and phytoestrogen effects on female reproductive function using mouse models. Her research program at the School of Molecular Biosciences is set out to decipher roles of hormonal regulation in the oviduct and uterus during fertilization, pre-implantation embryo development, and embryo transport using genetically engineered animal models. Her research team is developing new “on-demand” contraceptive methods for women.

Current Lab Members



Prashanth Anamthathmakula, Ph.D.
06/2019-Present: Post-doctoral Scholar
2014-2019: Post-doctoral Scholar, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Wayne State University, MI
2012-2014: Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, PA
2006-2011: PhD in Biochemistry, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India



Emily A Harris, B.S.
Graduate student
Recipient of Research Assistantship for Diverse Scholar & Campus Visitation Program (RADS)
BS in Cell, Molecular, and Development from the University of California, Riverside
Joined our lab: March 2019


Sierra L.W. Olsen, B.S.
Graduate student
Recipient of Dr. Arturs Vitums Scholarship In Veterinary Anatomy
BS in Biology from Central Washington University 

Joined our lab: March 2017



Gerardo Herrera
2019-present: Research Intern
2017-2019: Undergraduate student
LSAMP award recipient
AT&T and Boeing Research Award recipient
Gray Award recipient from poster presentation at WSU SURCA
Research Presentation Award recipient from poster presentation at a national ABRCMS meeting
Undergraduate Student, Senior, TMP mentee
Major: Biochemistry (College of Veterinary Medicine)

Joined our lab: Summer 2017



Brooke Barton
Undergraduate Student, Senior
Major: Genetics and Cell Biology with a minor in Psychology, including graduation from the Honors College
Brooke is also a pre-med student, hoping to become an OB/GYN in the future.
Recipient for Hearts In Motion Medical Mission Scholarship through WSU to go to Guatemala in March 7-17, 2019
Joined our lab: Summer 2018



Anna Willie
Undergraduate Student, Senior
Major: Biochemistry/Biophysics with a pre-med program
Joined our lab: Fall 2018



Jenna Rock
Undergraduate Student, Junior
Major: Biochemistry with pre-med program
Joined our lab: Fall 2018



Kalli Stephens
Undergraduate Student, Sophomore
Major: Zoology with pre-med program
Joined our lab: Fall 2019
Kalli is also an awesome pastry chef!

Lab members:

Fall 2019

Spring 2018

Former Lab Members

My-Thanh (Thanh) Beedle, Ph.D.
Summer 2018: Post-doctoral Scholar
2018: PhD in Molecular Biosciences from Washington State University
Current: Science Teacher at John F. Kennedy Catholic High School

Shuai Li, Ph.D.
2016-2018: Post-doctoral Scholar
2015: PhD in Neuroscience from University of Idaho
Current: Post-doctoral fellow at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Devinae McNeil
Undergraduate Student, Senior, TMP mentee
Recipient for an Auvil Scholars Fellowship
Major: Basic Medical Sciences (College of Art & Science)
Joined our lab: Spring 2018-Spring 2019

Lana Lim
Undergraduate Student, Freshman
Major: Women’s gender and sexuality study with a pre-med program
Joined our lab: Fall 2018

Keila Tam, BS. in Microbiology (Spring 2018), WSU
AT&T Study Abroad Grant in South Africa for the Summer 2018 recipient
Former TMP mentee and mentor

In our lab: Fall 2016-Spring 2018
Current: Keila is back home in Hawaii and currently in the medical volunteer program at the University of Hawaii, HI.


Sofia R.S. O’Neill, B.S. in Biology and B.S. in Genetics and Cell Biology (Fall 2016), WSU
In our lab: Spring 2016-Fall 2016
Current: WADDL program employee in the College of Veterinary Medicine, WSU

Marleny Garcia, B.S. in Biology (Magna Cum Laude, Spring 2017), Honors College, WSU
Former TMP mentee and mentor

AT&T and Boeing Research Award recipient
In our lab: Fall 2015-Spring 2017
Current: Post-baccalaureate intramural research fellow at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Research Triangle Park, NC.

*Marleny has been accepted to WSU Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine. She started there Fall 2018. Congrats!!!*

Jacob Lizarraga
Former TMP mentee
AT&T and Boeing Research Award recipient
Current: Undergraduate student, senior

In our Lab: Summer 2016

Skylar R. Sampels, B.S. in Biology (Fall 2017), WSU
In our Lab: Summer 2016
Current: Specimen Procurement at Harborview through University of Washington, School of Medicine

Karena De La Rosa
LSAMP award recipient

In our Lab: Summer 2016-Fall 2016
Current: Pharmacy technician