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Department of Physics and Astronomy Gu Research Group


Currently our research efforts are focused on semiconductor nanowires, one of the most promising candidates for the next-generation electronic and opto-electronic devices. In these nanomaterials, surface and quantum confinement effects can lead to unexpected and unique properties. We are particularly interested in exploring how these effects can be used to manipulate the interactions among charge carriers, phonons, and impurities, with the aim to engineer desired material properties. Our research efforts towards this end are underpinned by integrative approaches that closely correlate the following aspects:



(1) Nanowire synthesis with controlled diameter and functional impurity incorporations.



(2) Investigations of local atomic configurations of impurity complexes using nanoscale vibrational spectroscopy techniques.

raman shift


(3) Probing the dynamics of charge carrier transport as well as carrier-phonon and carrier-impurity coupling/interactions using scanning probe microscopy techniques that combine optical and electrical probing functionalities.

charge carrier transport

These research efforts are enabled by our state-of-art laboratory facilities including a commercial chemical vapor deposition system, an electrical probe station, a confocal Raman microscope, a variable-temperature and high-vacuum AFM/NSOM system, an ultra-high bandwidth (up to 70GHz) oscilloscope as well as continuous-wave and ultra-fast UV laser systems. In addition to our laboratory, the Center of Materials Research and the Franceschi Microscopy and Imaging Center at WSU provide lithography and electron microscopy capabilities.