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Cynthia Cooper's Lab Zebrafish Pigment Cell Biology


The zebrafish pigment cell biology lab is working on several projects using developmental, cell biology, pharmacological and genetic techniques! If you are interested in learning more about zebrafish pigment cell biology as an undergraduate researcher, research technician, graduate student or postdoctoral fellow at WSU Vancouver, please visit this website frequently. Updates on position openings will be posted below as they become available.

Prospective undergraduate students: Undergraduate volunteer positions will be available Summer or Fall 2021 (depending on pandemic status). If you are interested in these positions, please contact Cynthia Cooper (  A list of interested parties is maintained by Dr. Cooper and all individuals on the list are contacted once a position becomes available.  Thank you!

Prospective Graduate Students: Interested in conducting graduate level research in cell biology or developmental biology at WSUV? Applicants can apply to work in the Cooper Lab two ways: via the School of Biological Sciences Graduate Program (WSU Pullman) or the School of Molecular Biosciences Graduate Program (WSU Pullman). These programs have excellent, but different approaches to training graduate students.  Students can pursue an MS or PhD degree in either discipline and are supported by a combination of research and teaching assistantships (including tuition waivers) while pursuing their degree on the Vancouver campus.  Additional information regarding graduate school requirements and deadlines for application submission can be found at either of the previously mentioned websites.  Interested Cooper Lab prospective students should have Bachelor degrees in genetics, molecular biology, developmental biology or cell biology.  An idea of what type of research you would like to do in my lab would also be valuable.  Research experience is ideal, but not required.  Please check out our recent publications (so you know what we’re up to!) and send a letter of interest, information regarding any past research experience, a copy of transcripts and GRE scores to Cynthia Cooper at  Looking forward to hearing from you!