Sitka Remembered

Kindra Crick

9/9/2019 – 1/6/2020
Science and Engineering Building, 1st Floor Gallery
Kindra Crick etching

“The etchings in Sitka Remembered draw on imagery from neuroscience and reflect on memory and our fundamental need for sleep. Nestled in the center of a United Nations Biosphere Reserve on the Oregon Coast, the Sitka Center is a place that holds magic. Moss drapes from ancient spruce trees while soft paths through the woods provide a singular location to observe nature, contemplate, and create. Three of these prints were inspired by the rich beauty and serenity of the forest and sea and the visible depth of the night sky. Neuronal trees mingle with the neurochemistry of dreams in REM sleep which appear as constellations in the night sky. The stillness of night is a unique time for inner reverie and restoration, enabling us to link ideas and illuminate creative solutions. Another print uses magnified and abstracted imagery of neurons to delicately address the beautiful wilderness of interweaving neurons that help us maintain the stories that make us who we are.


These etchings were created with master printer Julia D’Amario during my Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology in the fall of 2017.” – Kindra Crick

Kindra Crick etchings

Kindra Crick is a multimedia artist who gives visual expression to the wonder and process of scientific inquiry and discovery. In her installations and mixed-media work she incorporates drawings, diagrams, maps, and imagery from under the microscope.