Site Citations

Fine Arts Drawing Students

Fall 2019 – Spring 2020
Library Building

This show presents installations by students in the Beginning Drawing class taught by professor Avantika Bawa of the Fine Arts Department. The works were informed by interior architecture of the library, and its function as a place of both research and rejuvenation.


Scattered throughout you will find a number of these installations. Some are easy to locate, while some just creep up on you. Each installation takes into account the site where it is installed, either by responding directly to the architecture around, or the function of that particular area. In some cases, the works are the result of an imagination gone wild, while thinking of an alternative purpose of that location.
Simply put, each installation ‘cites its site’ through a careful choice of form and content.


Included in the show are works by: Kaylee Pham, Sabrina Polehn, Lilly Tan, Madiera Vath, Acoya Rehak, Matthew Gisby, Alyona Bobrick, Elaina Sundwall, Andrew Templin, Robin Hunt, Roxy Hong, Megan Robb, Seleny Calixto Luna, Natalie Quinn, Alaina Bocci, Shayla Lam and Alexander McAllister