Inevitability of:

Austin Chavers and Betsy Hanrahan

8/23/2021 – 1/20/2022
Science & Engineering Building, 1st & 2nd Floor Galleries

Gentle Cycle, Hang Dry, Betsy Hanrahan, Acrylic on canvas, thread

to tighten, Austin Chavers , Acrylic on canvas

“The passage of time, evolving and devolving, reactionary behavior, developing, waiting, observing, forming; a life in transition. In a world in flux, from “normal” to lockdown, our work embodies malleability — a response to transition and modified behavioral patterns. Stemming from safety and comfortability, our paintings, photos, prints, and sculptures explore new uncharted territory, as we move steadily into an unforeseen future. We cannot help but react to the inevitability of the world around us and its ability to shape who we are.”

Missed Connections, Betsy Hanrahan, Acrylic on wood panel

Tooth Bulb, Austin Chavers , Glass

Austin Chavers is a contemporary artist living in the Pacific Northwest. He has spent most of his time in Vancouver but started his passion for art in Alaska where he is originally from. He interned at Yucca Valley Material Lab experimenting with the landscape and creating sculpture with glass. His art is largely concerned with the effects of material in sculpture, photography, and mixed media by exploring the ways in which matter can be manipulated.

Betsy Hanrahan is a multimedia artist living in the Pacific Northwest. Her works are inspired by moments of active participance and passive observance — capturing instances in the fuzzy, garbled, and blurred. Her work is inspired through the feminine: divinely woven, rugged, raw, and masterful. A mess of experiences to be executed and acted upon.