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Aardwolf Harrison Higgs


Cats in Coucars site-specific installation

Site/Sight/Cite is a series of several mini-installations at various locations on the WSUV campus. These “micro interventions” explore the language of painting and address the function and/or architecture of each location. Created by students in the Intermediate Painting class, these works draw attention to the practical purpose of the sites as well as their quirks and nuances.

Site/Sight/Cite can be viewed at the offices of HR, IT, Parking Services, Public Safety, and the Rec Center. We encourage you to sightsee all.

This show includes work by: Laura Ballard, Roxane Hong, Sharalee Chwaliszewski, Katie Babb, Kavin Wicker, Lilly Tan, Alexi Wattez, Dillon Gohl and Elle Marander.

Polarities and Votives

Polarities and Votives

Rita Robillard

1/13/2020 – 4/7/2020
Dengerink Gallery, VDEN Building

Luxuriant Vegetation by Rita Robillard

Luxuriant Vegetation

Rita Robillard is a mixed-media artist and printmaker that has lived and worked in the Pacific Northwest for the last 30 years. From 1986 – 1998 she taught at Washington State University, and from 1998 – 2013 she was a professor at Portland State University where she chaired the Department of Art and the MFA program. “Polarities and Votives” is a mini retrospective that includes selected works from two series: “Polarities: Patterns in Time” (2016) and “Votives for Hanford” (what to do with nuclear waste?) (1996). In Polarities, Robillard explores visual and conceptual opposites by layering 19th century found imagery of the arctic and tropics, while combining photo printmaking, painting and drawing on panel and paper. In Votives, Robillard uses scientific diagrams and religious iconography to address the invisible and incomprehensible threat from the nuclear waste generated from Hanford throughout World War II and the Cold War.

Conflagration & Rain by Rita Robillard

Conflagration & Rain

“Robillard’s process is multi-stepped and idiosyncratic… While printmaking lays the foundation for the work, Robillard manipulates her surfaces in various ways: by sanding and carving into the layers of pigment and by painting or drawing between and on top of layers of print. Further depth comes from her careful overlays of flat colors against metallic or iridescent hues… Robillard’s additive process laminates image over image–sometimes as many as or even more than ten layers–to coalesce a visual sensation of another time and place while simultaneously establishing the images as relics of the present.” —excerpt from an essay by Linda Tesner, director, Ronna and Eric Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Art, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon.

Memory: Cerebral Entanglement

Memory: Cerebral Entanglement

Kindra Crick

9/9/2019 – 1/6/2020
Dengerink Gallery, VDEN Building

Photo of Kindra Crick installation

“Memory: Cerebral Entanglement” is a layered mixed-media installation that incorporates drawings, diagrams and imagery from under the microscope. It started as a collaboration with neuroscientist John Harkness, who researches memory at WSU Vancouver. Harkness investigates net-like structures called perineuronal nets which surround neurons in our brain and are associated with memory retention and the close of developmental learning windows. Included in this exhibit are three microscopic images taken from the lab’s research.
Detail of Kindra Crick drawing
Crick is a multimedia artist who gives visual expression to the wonder and process of scientific inquiry and discovery. She is fascinated by the human brain—our complex machine—which can fathom the beginning of time and the nature of its own thought. Crick has a degree in molecular biology from Princeton and a certificate in painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.