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Department of Psychology Adult Psychopathology Lab


The two main areas that the Adult Psychopathology lab is focused on are:

(a) Psychopathy and other externalizing disorders
(b) Health anxiety/hypochondria

Much of our research focuses on the measurement and conceptualization of psychopathy and related personality traits in non-forensic settings.  This research has examined the associations between self-reported psychopathy and antisocial behavior in college students, the role of “boldness” in psychopathy, and the latent structure of psychopathy (i.e., are there “psychopaths” who are uniquely different from others or does psychopathy exist along a continuum). The lab is currently developing ways to measure dark personality traits using measures of general personality.  We are also studying the ways in which allegiance effects can influence forensic assessments and psychotherapy research. 


Selected recent publications: 

Marcus, D. K., Nagel, M. G., Lambros, A, & Zeigler-Hill, V.  (in press).  Construction and preliminary validation of Machiavellianism scales from the HEXACO-100.  Assessment.   

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