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Department of Psychology Attention, Perception & Performance Lab

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Graduate Students Needed:

I am looking for a student, who will apply to graduate school in experimental psychology, to work in the attention, perception, and action laboratory at WSU. This position guarantees funding toward the Ph. D. for 5 years, and may include summer salary depending on your research interests. If you are interested, please e-mail me at: Also, please see the Washington State University, psychology department homepage for more information.  Also, checkout the Washington State University homepage.


I am looking for an undergraduate student (sophomore or junior) to work in the attention, perception, and action laboratory.  The student must be able to work 9 hrs. a week and must make a 2 semester commitment.  Several of the undergraduates working in my laboratory have presented research at conferences, are authors on conference presentations, and have published work in research journals.  If interested, please contact Dr. Fournier at (509) 335-4415 or e-mail: