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Research – Health Promotion Across the Lifespan: Cancer Control and Prevention


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Executive Summary

Dr. Connie Nguyen-Truong led the first cultural adaptation of Early Care for Breast Health for cancer screening among Vietnamese. Feasibility and acceptability of an intervention with targeted cultural and health belief messages was established that increased rates of mammography among Vietnamese American (VA) immigrant women. Important evidence was provided that 75% of the 40 women had a mammogram following the intervention and that knowledge about breast cancer (BC), BC susceptibility, and the benefits of mammography as related to BC sig­nificantly increased following the intervention. Important evidence was provided in another study on the importance of considering the intensity of VA women’s cultural beliefs and emotions in regards to a recommendation for a cervical exam. Evidence points to VAW’s fear of talking about cervical cancer (CC), fear or shame of having their private areas be seen by healthcare providers, and awaiting for a sign such as abnormal bleeding or abnormal discharge prior to seeking healthcare. These results advanced understanding in culturally specific differences in VA women apart from other Asian women and the general population that explains why VA women screened, delayed, or did not screen for cancer.