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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Customs regulations make it challenging to ship biological samples (especially blood) into the USA. We encourage our international clients to test using cytology brushes (instead of blood) since the samples are stable and less costly to ship. We also recommend finding a local source of cytology brushes since it is much quicker and more efficient than waiting for our brushes to reach you. Widely available interdental brushes work just as well if the medical variety are not available. The next FAQ provides additional information about using your own brushes.

Mail to the USA requires a custom form.  We recommend providing the following information:

   Weight – 2 oz

   Value to declare – $2 – USD

   Contents – Interdental brushes (or cytology brushes)

Write on the outside of the package — “Exempt Animal Specimen”.

Once you are ready to send the samples, complete the online submission form and credit card payment.  Print the submission form and mail it with your samples to the Post Office address provided on the form. You can also use a faster courier service if you prefer. We have a different address for couriers provided on the form.

Results will be sent to the email address provided on the submission form.  It usually takes about a week to test the sample after it is received.

Yes. Some customers choose to purchase their own brushes since it is quicker and more efficient than waiting for our brushes to arrive by mail. International customers frequently choose this option.

Photos to the right show the type of medical cytology brushes we recommend, and also widely available interdental brushes that work just as well if the medical variety are not available. Use 2 per pet. “Sponge” type DNA collectors are not recommended.

If you use interdental brushes without a sleeve, once the brushes are dry you should put them into a small envelope or resealable plastic bag and write the name of the pet on the outside. Use separate envelopes/bags for each pet to avoid cross-contamination.

Remember to check the “use own brushes” option when completing the on-line submission form so we don’t send you a kit that you don’t need.

Recommended brushes to use.

DEPOHGEN™ tests are run in batches on Wednesdays. If your test arrives in time to be included in Wednesday’s batch, you should receive your results by Friday evening of that same week. Any test samples received after Wednesday are included in the next week’s batch.

DNA from your pet’s cheek cells using a swab is the same as DNA obtained from your pet’s blood. We offer tests using either type of sample because cheek swabs are an easy way for dog owners to collect DNA samples in their own homes, while blood samples are often preferred by veterinary clinics and hospitals.

Refunds may be requested only for samples that have not been processed. All refunds must be requested within 60 days of the date of purchase. The date of purchase is defined as the day the customer’s card is charged. Please contact us at to request a refund.

DEPOHGEN™ genotype results are reported only to the contact on the submission form. Collective data reports generated for public distribution have no identifiable features other than breed.