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Complex Social Interaction Lab

Police footage analysis done right so you can improve your department

The CSI Lab knows it can be difficult to utilize bodycam footage to better your agency.

We’ll make this a simple process for you because the lab can:

Are you a student interested in working in the CSI Lab? Click on the application above.


“As a psychology and CJ major, this was an experience that allowed me to see how important it is to study interactions and the challenges that come from trying to study interactions”.
– Previous Student
“As a student pursuing a career in law enforcement, my experience in the lab gave me a glimpse into the variety of contacts officers make. It was like doing dozens of ride-a-longs”.
– Previous Student
“This research is inherently interdisciplinary and the data complex. I have been impressed by the willingness of the lab to explore new ideas with the data.”
– Previous Collaborator
“Our collaboration is going to allow for us to understand if our training is being applied, and ultimately if that training is working”.
– Risk Management Bureau
“We decided to work with the CSI lab to better understand how our officers are interacting with members of the community”.
– Chief of Police
“As a smaller agency, it is often challenging to use our BWC footage. Working with the CSI Lab, we are making our BWC work to improve how we interact with the community.”.
– Police Agency