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Complex Social Interactions Lab Publications

Procedural Justice and Traffic Stops: Analyzing Police and Community Perspectives through Survey and Recorded Observational Research
Willits, D., Makin, D., & Koslicki, W. (2019)
Funding provided by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission
(Contract Number 2018-AG-1906)
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When No One is Watching
Evaluating the Impact of Body-Worn Cameras on Use of Force Incidents

Koslicki, W., Makin, D. A., & Willits, D. (2019)
Policing & Society, DOI: 10.1080/10439463.2019.1576672


Contextual Determinants of Observed Negative Emotional States in Police-Citizen Interactions
Makin, D. A., Willits, D., Koslicki, W., Brooks, R., Dietrich, B. & Bailey, R. (2018)
Criminal Justice & Behavior, 46(2), 301-318.
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Show Me What Happened
Analyzing Use of Force through Analysis of Body-Worn Camera Footage
Willits, Dale W. & Makin, D. A. (2018)
Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 55(1), 51-77
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Resilient Communications Project
Body Worn Camera Perception Study Phase 1

Babin, S., Koslicki, W., Vogel, R., Contestabile, J., Kohri, K., & Makin, D. A. (2018)
Funding provided by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate
(Contract Number N0024-13-D-6400; Task Order 0372, Task Number S8906)
Resilient Systems for Public Safety Communication. John Hopkins University
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Book Chapter: Avoiding the Technological Panacea
The Case of the Body-Worn Camera

Makin, D. A. (2017)
Criminal Justice Technology in the 21st Century, 3rd Edition
Moriarty, L. J. (Ed.), 86-102.
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When the Watchers are Watched
An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis of Body Worn Cameras

Makin, D. A. (2016)
Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice & Criminology, 4(1), 113-151
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Race, Emotional States, and Police Use of Force
Police Interactions as Complex Social Interactions

Makin, D. A., Willits, D., Dietrich, B., Koslicki, W., Brooks, R., & Bailey, R. (2018)
Under Review