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Crowder Laboratory WSU Department of Entomology


Field research in canola

Eli’s first Lentil Festival

Rachel and Eli collecting on the Palouse

Dave’s better half with Butch

Kamiak Butte outside Pullman

Paul can do something other than lift a pint

Wheat experiments

Visiting our neighboring state with honorary lab member Ian Warren

Fishing in Idaho

The Gobbler

End of summer dinner at Black Cyprus – 2012

Eli checking on the bees

Eli installing nesting habitat for native bees

Elinor measuring nectar from canola plants

Kamiak Butte outside Pullman

Kamiak Butte outside Pullman

Diversified organic farm

Dave showed an early interest in organic farming

Lab group spring 2015

Paul loves lab meetings

Rachel loves her bees

Robert and Sam experimenting with earwigs

Urban site near Seattle

Experiments at Tukey Orchard

Kamiak butte near Pullman (photo by Paul Chisholm)

Need a canoe to get to this field site

Rachel and Matt

Rachel and Megan with Tase T Lentil

Matt and Rachel

Dave’s life captured in one pic

Ben DVacing in canola

Rob’s first day of field work

Amber sampling bees

Rachel and Abigail at ESA 2017

Setting up our new freezer room

Planting peas

Taking a break on the Cheyenne

Field season kickoff hike/BBQ 2018

Flagging plots near the Snake

We seek to understand how farming practices, land-use, and abiotic conditions impact insect communities and plant-insect interactions. Most of our research is conducted in agricultural ecosystems, at the interface of basic and applied science.

Our research helps guide efforts to conserve and restore ecosystems and promote sustainable agriculture while providing fundamental insight into the processes that affect the structure and function of insect communities.

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