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David Slavit's Research Interests College of Arts & Sciences, College of Education

Recent Work

* = Shared first author status

Slavit, D., & Lesseig, K. (in press). The development of teacher knowledge in support of student mathematical inquiry. Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies (PRIMUS).

Lesseig, K., Nelson, T. H., Slavit, D., & Seidel, R. (in press). Supporting middle school teachers’ implementation of STEM design challenges. School Science and Mathematics.

Seidel, R., Lesseig, K., Nelson, T. H., & Slavit, D. (in press). Implementing STEM design challenges in classrooms. School Science and Mathematics.

Slavit, D., Nelson, T. H., & Lesseig, K. (2016). The teachers’ role in developing, opening, and nurturing an inclusive STEM-focused school. International Journal of STEM Education, 3(7).

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