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Reuse Design Laboratory Innovative applications for low value waste.

Waste is the problem. We design solutions.

Waste from building construction and demolition (C&D) is a growing problem. In the US alone, landfilled C&D waste tripled during the past decade, from 150 million tons in 2003, to 534 million tons in 2014.

Recycling C&D waste provides many environmental and economic benefits and has broad support within the construction industry. As a result, there have been dramatic reductions in the landfill rate of many C&D waste materials. However, challenges remain for recycling other C&D waste, especially materials with limited uses and low value.

Our lab works with industry to identify C&D waste streams where robust recycling and reuse is constrained by a lack of current applications. We apply our expertise as designers and researchers to develop new products made from these low-value wastes, expanding markets for C&D waste recyclers, and reducing costs for construction and demolition industries.

Our focus is on scalable technologies and production methods, and a clear path to commercialization. We believe to succeed, our solutions must offer economic, ecological, and performance advantages over existing products.


Taiji Miyasaka | Professor, School of Design & Construction |; 509/335-8091










David Drake | Assistant Professor, School of Design & Construction |; 509/335-2335