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Dowd Lab – WSU School of Biological Sciences Lab News

Graduate student recruitment for 2023-2024

I will be accepting applications for graduate student positions in the lab (MS or PhD, with preference for PhD students) to start in 2023 (or January 2024). If you are interested in learning more about the lab and/or WSU, please send me an introductory email outlining your background, research interests, and career goals, and attach your academic transcript. Student projects will likely focus on some aspect of organismal performance or biochemical mediators of response to multiple stressors in intertidal mussels or copepods, although there are collaborative opportunities in a range of taxa. The published deadline for applications to the School of Biological Sciences is January 10 for Fall admission, and September for Spring admission. See the SBS website for additional details on the program and please contact me with questions.

Arani defends her MS!

Arani Cuevas-Sanchez successfully defended her MS thesis on April Fools’ Day 2020. Congratulations on achieving this important milestone, despite the challenges imposed by COVID circumstance.  Arani has accepted an offer to pursue her PhD at Texas A&M. Good luck!

Postdoctoral Fellowship Applicants Welcomed

Any prospective postdoctoral researchers who wish to pursue external fellowship support to work in our lab, for example via the NSF postdoctoral fellowship in biology, are encouraged to contact me. Preferably this would happen at least a month before the relevant deadline.

Info for prospective undergraduate research students

I intend to recruit undergraduate research students from a variety of backgrounds for our ongoing projects. There are a number of opportunities for students with interests ranging from animal physiology & biochemistry to bioinformatics to electrical engineering, either using existing datasets or collecting/simulating your own. Preference will be given to students who are genuinely interested in a long-term commitment to the work in the lab (multiple semesters, or better yet, multiple years). The mechanisms for joining the lab range from volunteering for a block of time each week to receiving credit hours for independent study; in certain scenarios there may also be funds available to pay a modest hourly wage.  In each of these scenarios you would be expected to contribute to shared lab projects and to participate in lab meetings/reading groups. I invite you to read about our work on the Publications and Research pages and then contact me either via email or in my office (Heald 107) to discuss these opportunities.