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What to Expect

Once you have contacted us with your interest in taking part in our study, the following is a general timeline of what you should expect in terms of project preparation.

3 months out

The GLEAM Study Team will provide a presentation to Math teachers and any other school administration or interested parties that would like to be present. This will be a time to talk about what working with the GLEAM team will be like, and address any concerns schools might have.

The GLEAM Team will go over the application process, which requires approval from administrators and staff interested in participating within one month of receiving the application. If schools are interested in participating we will setup a meeting for the following month to start determining class material for the math tutorials and chose dates for when the GLEAM Team will be in the classroom.

2 months out

Applications due at this meeting. If the application has been completed we will meet with math teachers who would like to be involved with the GLEAM Study. At this time we will work with teachers to choose a topic and time in the semester that works best for the schools’ curriculum. We have worked with Geometry, Algebra I, Algebra II and Statistics classes. We have a license to PLATO Software and can adapt our lessons to incorporate any courses that your school would like to have involved. We are also very flexible about the dates that we will spend in the classroom. This should be a time that best serves students and teachers.

1 month out

Provide samples of math lesson topics that were chosen by teachers. Advertise in the school news about the GLEAM Study. Work with teachers to reserve computer labs for official dates of the study. Also, at this time the GLEAM Team will tour computer labs. We will also work with you to determine what form of growth mindset information your school would like us to provide to your students. This would be implemented on the last day of the GLEAM Study along with the learning assessment.

2 Weeks out

Teachers pass out consent/notification letters – provided by the GLEAM Team – to students for parents to sign and return.

1 Week out

Gain final approval for all materials by the head of the math department or school principal. Meet with math teachers to answer final questions and ensure that all labs are reserved for the appropriate dates. Inspect computer labs; check for and resolve any problems with the survey.

Day 1 of GLEAM Study

Students will attend their regularly scheduled math class in the reserved school computer lab. Students will be introduced to the GLEAM Team and will begin the study. Students will work through a math tutorial that will teach them material from their math course; they will also complete a quiz regarding their beliefs about school and intelligence. Some students will learn about mindset and the role it can play in academic success, while others will learn about alternative topics. Researchers will lead the class, providing teachers the opportunity to use the period as a free period or be present to support the GLEAM Team.

Note: If students or parents decline to participate in the study, they do have the option to work through the class material with their class but they will not be asked to answer any questions central to the study.

Day 2 of GLEAM Study

During the subsequent class period students will attend their regularly scheduled math class in the computer lab. Students will continue with the next math lesson and engage in programs provided through the lesson prepared by the GLEAM Team.

Final Day of GLEAM STUDY

Members of the GLEAM Team will come to the classroom about one week after the two in-class sessions are completed. The team will administer a short quiz to measure sustained learning of the information that was taught through the math tutorials. This is also a time where we would like to provide all students with the opportunity to learn about growth mindset. This can be done through a 10-15 minute presentation, access to online materials, and/ or brochures. Students will also be given a small gift to thank them for their participation.

After the GLEAM Study Data Collection is Complete

The GLEAM Team will remain in contact with teachers in order to obtain follow-up data regarding student performance on the topics that were covered in the class, along with subject performance measures. Teachers will be provided an hourly stipend for the time they spend helping us with planning and administering of study materials, and additional work necessary for completing the project.