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Greg Rose's Research Site Carson College of Business

Gregory M. Rose

Prof. Greg Rose
Associate Professor of MIS
Phone: (360) 546-9766

Carson College of Business
Department of Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship
Washington State University Vancouver

Fax: (360) 546-9037
Office: VCLS 308V
Support Staff:

Joined Washington State University in 2002
Overview: My work involves understanding some of the ways in which software innovations are developed, adopted, and used. My particular interests are in Internet-based systems and cross-cultural issues.
Media: You may contact me directly


  • Management Information Systems: Innovation and creativity

Teaching Areas:

  • Undergraduate – Management Information Systems
  • Undergraduate – International Business


  • Software Development Innovation and Diffusion
  • Information System Adoption and Use
  • Organizational Learning
  • Cross Cultural Issues in IT


  • Ph.D., Computer Information Systems, Georgia State University, 2000
  • MBA, Management Information Systems, minor in Marketing, Binghamton University (State University of New York), 1992
  • BS, Marketing, minor in MIS, University of Vermont, 1990

Professional Memberships:

  • Society of Information Management
  • Technology Association of Oregon
  • Association of Information Systems

Refereed Journal Publications: (visit

  1. Article (Refereed journal): How to Transition Incrementally to Microservice Architecture. Communications of the ACM, 2021
  2. Article (Refereed journal): Does Subculture Matter? A Cross-Cultural Study of Chronism and Attitudes toward Download Delay in Internet Systems in China and the United States. Journal of Global Information Technology Management, 2019
  3. Article (Refereed journal): Innovation Differences Among Software Development Organizations. Information Systems Journal, 2018
  4. Article (Refereed journal): Social Identity and Trust in Internet-based Voting Adoption. Government Information Quarterly, 2018
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  7. Article (Refereed journal): “Recognizing and Managing Innovation Points in Large Information Technology Projects,” MIS Quarterly Executive, 2011    
  8. Article (Refereed journal): “Internet computing as a disruptive information technology innovation: the role of strong order effects,” Information Systems Journal, 2011   
  9. Article (Refereed journal): “Learning Routines and Disruptive Technological Change: Hyper-learning in Seven Software Development Organizations during Internet Adoption,” Information Technology and People, 2010  
  10. Article (Refereed journal): “Chronism Theory, Culture, and System Delay: A Longitudinal Study of Post-Apartheid South Africa,” Journal of Global Information Management, 2009    
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  22. Article (Refereed journal): “The Brave New World of Development in the InterNetwork Computing Architecture (InterNCA): Or How Distributed Computing Platforms Will Change Systems Development,” Information Systems Journal, 1998   
  23. Article (Refereed journal): “Predicting General IT Use: Applying TAM to the Arabic World,” Journal of Global Information Management, 1998


 Prior Teaching

  • Associate Professor, California State University, Chico, 2001-2002
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant (lecturer), Georgia State University, 1996-2000

 Prior Professional

  • Visiting Professor, University of Pretoria (South Africa), 2002
  • Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Jyvaskyla (Finland), 2000
  • Systems Analyst/Implementor/Consultant, CBORD Inc.(1992-1994); University of Rhode Island (1994-1995)

Notable Service:

  • Disabled Students of WSUV (2011-2014), Faculty Advisor
  • Faculty Senate (2010-2016), WSU Vancouver Faculty Senator-at-large
  • Faculty Senate Steering Committee (2010-2020)
  • Faculty Senate Budget Committee Chair (2015-2020)
  • Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Committee, Member and Budget Committee Liaison (2015-2018)
  • Dissertation Committee – Youngjin Yu, Co-Chair (2008-2010)
  • MIS Alumni-Student Partnership/SIM Student Club at WSU Vancouver, Coordinator/Faculty co-Advisor (2009 – Present)
  • WSU Vancouver Faculty Organization Executive Committee, Member (2008 – 2016)
  • Associate Editor, Information and Management Journal (2012 – Present)
  • Extreme Innovation Track, ICIS 2008, track co-chair
  • Journal of Global Information Management, Editorial board member (2000 – Present)
  • Technology Association of Oregon (2005- ), Board member for Special Interest Group on Software Development


  • Dean’s Fellowship Award, WSU College of Business, 2009
  • Instructor of the Year, Student Business Organization, 2008
  • Dean’s Excellence Award, WSU College of Business, 2006
  • Teaching Excellence Award, Georgia State University, 1999
  • Teaching Excellence Award, Georgia State University, 1998