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Electronic Literature Lab For Advanced Inquiry into Born Digital Literature

Welcome to the Electronic Literature Lab (ELL)


Directed by Dr. Dene Grigar, ELL contains 61 vintage Macintosh computers and PCs, dating back from 1977 and a library of 200 electronic literary works. It is used for the advanced inquiry into curating, preserving, and the production of born digital literary works. It is one of four media archaeology labs in the U.S. that allow scholars access to obsolete digital works on appropriate computer equipment and the only lab experimenting with the preservation of literary apps.

To learn more about ELL:
To access ELL’s database of computers and library:


Director: Dene Grigar, PhD
Associate Director: Nicholas Schiller, MLIS
Project Manager: Holly Slocum
Technical Specialist: Greg Philbrook, B. A.
2021 Undergraduate Researchers: Kathleen Zoller, Betsy Hanrahan, Andrew Thompson, Arlo Ptolemy, Katya Farinsky