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Congratulations Tristin!! He successfully defended his M.S. dissertation today!



Niclosamide targets the dynamic progression of macrophages for the resolution of endometriosis in a mouse model

Liang’s paper has been published! Congrats, Liang!!

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Liang Zhao, a postdoctoral fellow, has reported the heterogeneity of peritoneal macrophages and molecular mechanisms regulating their dynamic progression after lesion induction in a mouse model of endometriosis using scRNA-seq. The study further showed that niclosamide finely reversed those transcriptomic changes of macrophages caused by lesion induction through its stepwise regulations on the differentiation of recruited macrophages, the maturation of transitory LPMs, and the preservation of embryo-derived resident LPMs.

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SSR in Spokane, 2022

Ming, Liang, Jenna, Aubrey, Constance, and Tristin presented at the SSR on July 26-29, 2022. Ming received 2nd place in the post-doctoral oral competition! Congrats, Ming!

Cougar Cage Award

Our new project, “Nanomedicine systems for the targeted drug delivery in endometriosis therapy” collaborating with Dr. Yuehe Lin receives the Cougar Cage Award!

ADARP fellowship

Good news! Olivia Witherspoon received the ADARP fellowship in the 2022-2023 academic year.

She has also received the TMP undergraduate research scholarship award. Congratulations, Olivia!

NWRSS at Skamania Lodge on May 19-21, 2022

Ming, Liang, Maho, Jenna and Tristin presented at NWRSS on May 19-21, 2022. All did a good job! It was also a cool place to visit!


A New Review Article Published in Cells

Progesterone Actions and Resistance in Gynecological Disorders


Instagram: @toxspotlight

Our Cannabis study was selected for the cover of the February issue of Toxicological Sciences


Our first cannabis study has been published in the ToxSci and highlighted in

The study has received further attention! Please see the release on EurekAlert and WSU Insider!


CRB retreat

We attended the Annual CRB Retreat, on September 30 – October 1, 2021

Ming and Maho received the best poster presentation awards. Congrats, Ming and Maho!!

Our new cannabis study

Our new cannabis study is available here. The results indicate that cannabis vapor exposure generationally affects male reproductive functions, probably due to disruption of spermatogenesis in the developing testis.