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Professor Hongfei Lin's Group chuhua.jia

Our work was reported by the media

Our recent work on the deconstruction of high-density polyethylene into liquid hydrocarbon fuels and lubricants received extensive attention from the media.

Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues, which needs to be tackled imminently. Here, we reported a liquid-phase catalytic hydrogenolysis process that highly efficiently converted high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to jet/diesel fuel- and lubricant-range hydrocarbons under relatively mild conditions. Solvents profoundly affect the depolymerization reaction kinetics and product selectivity. This work provided a promising approach for selectively producing high-value products, such as jet fuel and lubricants, from waste PE and other polyolefin polymers.


Prof. Lin was invited to give a talk in Lecture Series of the Institute for Integrated Catalysis at PNNL on Nov. 9th

Design of Catalytic Solvolysis Process for Selectively Deconstructing Waste Plastics

This lecture will discuss the catalytic solvolysis processes that convert various plastics to value-added products such as monomers or hydrocarbon fuels and lubricants. Furthermore, a sequential catalytic solvolysis process, in which an individual polymer or classes of polymers in a plastic mixture is selectively deconstructed stage-by-stage, is designed. This novel process may enable chemical upcycling of comingled plastic wastes without laborious physical sorting.


Prof. Eric McFarland visited our group and gave a seminar

Prof. Eric McFarland from Department of Chemical Engineering in University of California, Santa Barbara visited our group on April 22nd and gave a seminar entitled “Plan B: Taking the Carbon out of Fossil Fuels with Catalytic Reactive Separation”.

Our first patent was issued

Our first patent “US10252251 Production of organic materials using solid catalysts” was issued. The patent provides a method for producing organic compounds, such as esters, from an organic feedstock that includes at least one of a biopolymer or a lipid.

Prof. Lin attended ACS meeting

Professor Lin attended the 256th American Chemical Society National Meeting, August 19 – 23, in Boston, MA. He will serve as program chair for the 2019 ACS Division of Energy and Fuels.