Low Impact Development (LID) Lab

anand.jayakaran@wsu.edu (253) 445-4523 Puyallup Research and Extension Center
Affiliations: Ag. & Natural Resources Program Unit, Washington Stormwater Center, Biological Systems Engineering, School of the Environment

I work on disseminating strategies to manage water resources using Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) and improving current engineering designs using ecological engineering principles. Managing stormwater is not just about controlling where water goes; its fate and transport are intrinsically linked to the ecosystems and communities surrounding stormwater’s path from ridge to ocean. My program aims to influence stormwater management decisions to serve traditionally under-resourced Black, and Indigenous communities, people of color, lower-income groups, and the ecosystems they live within.

Professional Preparation:
2021 – Present: Professor, Washington State University
2015 – 2021: Associate Professor, Washington State University
2015 – Present: Adjunct Associate Professor, Clemson University
2014 – 2015: Associate Professor, Clemson University
2007 – 2014: Assistant Professor, Clemson University
2006 – 2007: Post Doctoral Scholar, Ohio State University

Ph.D. Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Ohio State University – 2006
M.S. Civil Engineering, Ohio State University – 2002
B.E. Civil Engineering, Bangalore University, India – 1997

Recent Journal Articles and Book Chapters

  • Fischer, D.G., Vieira, S.T. and Jayakaran, A.D., 2023. Distinct Rainfall Interception Profiles among Four Common Pacific Northwest Tree Species. Forests, 14(1), p.144. [Open Access]
  • Mitchell, C.J., Jayakaran, A.D. and McIntyre, J.K., 2023. Biochar and fungi as bioretention amendments for bacteria and PAH removal from stormwater. Journal of Environmental Management327, p.116915. [Open Access]
  • Jayakaran A.D., Mecklenburg D.E., Witter J.D., Powell G.E., Ward A.D., 2022. Active Floodplain Requirements for Sustaining Two-Stage Channel Geometry. In Geospatial Information Handbook for Water Resources and Watershed Management, Volume III: Advanced Applications and Case Studies. 2022 Dec 21:45.
  • Knappenberger, T., Jayakaran, A.D. and Stark, J.D., 2022. A Bayesian modeling framework to predict stormwater pollutant reduction in bioretention media. Ecological Engineering, 178, p.106582. [Online]
  • Jayakaran, A.D., Rhodes, E., Vogel, J. 2021. Stormwater Management at the Lot Level: Engaging Homeowners and Business Owners to Adopt Green Stormwater Infrastructure. In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Environmental Science.
  • Rodak, C.M., Jayakaran, A.D., Moore, T.L., David, R., Rhodes, E.R. and Vogel, J.R. 2020. Urban Stormwater Characterization, Control, and Treatment. Water Environment Research, 92: 1552-1586. https://doi.org/10.1002/wer.1403 [Online]
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  • Rodak, C.M., Moore, L.T., David R., Jayakaran, A.D. and Vogel, J.R. 2019. Urban Stormwater Characterization, Control, and Treatment. Water Environment Research, 91, 1034-1060 doi.org/10.1002/wer.1173 [Online]
  • Jayakaran, A.D., Knappenberger, T., Stark, J.D. and Hinman, C., 2019. Remediation of Stormwater Pollutants by Porous Asphalt Pavement. Water, 11(3), p.520. doi.org/10.3390/w11030520 [Open Access]
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  • Liu, X., Conner, W.H., Song, B. and Jayakaran, A.D., 2017. Forest composition and growth in a freshwater forested wetland community across a salinity gradient in South Carolina, USA. Forest Ecology and Management, 389, pp.211-219. [Author Archive]

Professional Registration:
Professional Engineer (Civil) – Washington & South Carolina
Engineering Intern, Ohio

Professional Societies:
American Ecological Engineering Society, AEES (Treasurer: 2015 – 2017)
American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, ASABE
American Society of Civil Engineers, ASCE
American Geophysical Union, AGU
American Water Resources Association, AWRA