Welcome to Dr. Ji Yun Lee’s Risk-Informed Decision-Making Research Group website. Our research interests lie in the fields of risk-informed decision-making for infrastructure systems and communities exposed to natural hazards. We are committed to addressing the overall performance of civil infrastructure under uncertainty to enable decision-makers to be informed of the risks involved with each choice. Relying on a strong background in probability and statistics, structural engineering, simulation, and decision theory, we focus on problems in the areas of:

  • stochastic modeling and simulation of natural hazard, including hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and earthquakes
  • risk analysis and assessment of buildings, bridges, water supply networks, supply chain systems, transportation networks, electric power grid, and residential communities
  • human decision-making
  • AI-driven data analytics
  • digital twins
  • infrastructure systems and community resilience

More detailed information on the current research projects can be found here.


Dr. Lee’s research group is looking for outstanding candidates for Graduate Student Research Assistants and Postdoctoral Scholars.

The positions will focus on (a) dynamic wildfire risk assessment based on earth observation imagery through deep learning; and (b) citizen science and engagement in wildfire resilience planning. Ideal candidates will have extensive experience in machine learning (specifically image classification and segmentation), probabilistic/statistical modeling, and game-theoretic models, and a strong background in computer programming. Candidates from other departments (e.g., Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Geosciences) are also welcomed. Please find more information on the application process from the Contact page.

Recent News

  • Abdel’s VCEA Student Excellence Award Abdel was honored with the VCEA Student Excellence Award in recognition of his exceptional work as a teaching assistant. Congratulations, Abdel!
  • Vishnu’s Prestigious Awards Vishnu has been honored with the prestigious 2024 WSU Chancellor’s Award for Leadership and the WSU Graduate School’s Worthy, DePauw and Wang Service Leadership Award, recognizing her exceptional leadership. Congratulations, Vishnu!
  • Natural Hazards Paper Our paper, “Quantifying the Role of Insurance in Tornado-Impacted Community Recovery: A Survey and Simulation-Based Approach”, has been published in Natural Hazards. Please find the full paper in the link below: https://trebuchet.public.springernature.app/get_content/78adc5b8-0507-425d-a80e-a6cd648b7734?utm_source=rct_congratemailt&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nonoa_20240313&utm_content=10.1007/s11069-024-06525-0