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Risk-Informed Decision-Making: Infrastructure and Community Resilience Dr. Ji Yun Lee Research Group



WELCOME to the Ji Yun Lee Research Group website. Our research interests lie in the fields of risk-informed decision-making for infrastructure systems and communities exposed to natural hazards. We are committed to addressing the overall performance of civil infrastructure under uncertainty to enable decision-makers to be informed on the risks involved with each choice. Relying on a strong background in probability and statistics, structural engineering, simulation, and decision theory, we focus on problems in the areas of:

  • stochastic modeling and simulation of natural hazards, including hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and earthquakes
  • risk analysis and assessment of buildings, bridges, water supply networks, supply chain systems, and residential communities
  • human decision-making
  • infrastructure system and community resilience

More detailed information on the current research projects can be found in