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Publications & Media

Research Publications Under Review:

  • Webb, A., Onayemi, S., Olsson, R., Kulhanek, K., Hopkins, B. Summer indoor queen banking as an alternative to outdoor banking practices. (In Review). Journal of Economic Entomology.
  • Tubene, S., Kulhanek, K., Rennich, K., Meli, S., vanEngelsdorp, D. Economics of best beekeeping management practices. (In Review). Journal of Economic Entomology

Research Publications:

  • Kulhanek, K., Brandon K. Hopkins & Walter S. Sheppard (2022) Comparison of oxalic acid drip and HopGuard for pre-winter Varroa destructor control in honey bee (Apis mellifera) colonies, Journal of Apicultural Research, DOI: 10.1080/00218839.2022.2061325
  • Kulhanek, K., Garavito, A. & vanEngelsdorp, D. (2021). Accelerated Varroa destructor population growth in honey bee (Apis mellifera) colonies is associated with visitation from non-natal bees. Sci Rep 11, 7092.
  • Kulhanek, K., Steinhauer,N., Wilkes, J., Wilson, M., Spivak, M., Sagili, R., Tarpy, D., McDermott, E., Garavito, A., Rennich, K., vanEngelsdorp, D. (2021). Survey-derived best management practices for backyard beekeepers improve colony health and reduce mortality. PLoS ONE, 16(1), e0245490. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0245490
  • Dively, G., Patton, T., Barranco, L., Kulhanek, K. (2020). Comparative Efficacy of Common Active Ingredients in Organic Insecticides Against Difficult to Control Insect Pests. Insects. 11, 614; doi:10.3390/insects11090614.
  • Steinhauer N., Kulhanek, K., Antúnez, K., Human, H., Chantawannakul, P., Chauzat, M., and vanEngelsdorp, D. (2018). Drivers of honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) colony losses. Current Opinion in Insect Science.
  • Kulhanek, K., vanEngelsdorp, D. (2017). A review of American Small Hive Beetle (Aethina tumida) as pestsin Apis mellifera Colonies. Bulletin Epidémiologique.
  • Kulhanek, K., Steinhauer, N., Rennich, K., Caron, D. M., Sagili, R. R., Pettis, J. S., & Rose, R. (2017). A national survey of managed honey bee 2015–2016 annual colony losses in the USA. Journal of Apicultural Research56(4), 328-340.
  • Ponisio, L. C., Wilkin, K., M’gonigle, L. K., Kulhanek, K., Cook, L., Thorp, R., … & Kremen, C. (2016). Pyrodiversity begets plant–pollinator community diversity. Global change biology22(5), 1794-1808.

Extension Fact Sheets & Manuals:

  • Kulhanek, K., Hopkins, B. (2022) Distinguishing Asian Giant Hornet damage to honey bee colonies from damage due to other predators. WSU Extension Fact Sheet.
  • Kulhanek, K., Hopkins, B. (2021). Indoor Storage of Honey Bee Colonies: Volume 2. Extension Manual in collaboration with Project Apis m.

Extension Blogs & Web Articles:

  • Kulhanek, K., Hopkins, B. July 15 2021, Project Apis m. Blog, “CDFA Pre-Inspection Program”, Retrieved from