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McGuire Lab | Publications

Selected Publications from the McGuire Research Group

Jensen PK, Wujcik CE, McGuire MK, McGuire MA. Validation of reliable and selective methods for direct determination of glyphosate and AMPA in milk and urine using LC-MS/MS. J Environ Sci Health, Part B, in press.

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Domer MC, Beerman, KA, McGuire, MA, Dasgupta N, Reeves J, Ahmadzadeh A, McGuire MK. (2015) Loss of body fat and associated decrease in leptin in early lactation are related to shorter duration of postpartum anovulation in healthy US women. J Hum Lact 31(2):282-93.

Bode L, McGuire M, Rodriguez JM, Geddes DT, Hassioutou F, Hartmann PE, McGuire MK. (2014) It’s alive: Microbes and cells in human milk and their potential benefits to mother and infant. Adv Nutr 5:571-3.

Ritzenthaler KL, Shahin AM, Shultz TD, Dasgupta N, McGuire MA, McGuire MK. (2012) Dietary intake of c9,t11-conjugated linoleic acid correlates with its concentration in plasma lipid fractions of men but not women. J Nutr 142(9):1645-51.

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