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Department of Physics and Astronomy The McMahon Group

Physics 202: Electricity and Magnetism


The following are a series of lecture notes that I wrote and used to teach Physics 202 at WSU. A few quick words:

  • These notes derive many expressions, which are often simply presented.
  • These notes make extensive use of calculus.
  • In class, there were supplemental mathematical lectures,┬ábut they are not (yet?) posted here.
  • Many supplemental examples were presented in class, but are not (yet?) posted here.



Lecture 1-1. Electric charge.

Lecture 1-2. Coulomb’s law.

Lecture 1-3. The electric field.

Lecture 1-4. Gauss’s law.

Lecture 1-5. Electric potential energy.

Lecture 1-6. The electric potential.

Magnetostatics and Electromagnetism

Lecture 2-1. Magnetism.

Lecture 2-2. Electric current.

Lecture 2-3. Ampere’s force law.

Lecture 2-4. The Biot–Savart law.

Lecture 2-5. Gauss’s law (for magnetism).

Lecture 2-6. Ampere’s law.

Lecture 2-7. The Lorentz force law.

Lecture 2-8. The relativity of fields.

Lecture 2-9. Electromagnetic induction (including Faraday’s law).

Lecture 2-10. The Maxwell equations.

Electrical Circuits

Lecture 3-1. Electrical networks.

Lecture 3-2. Kirchhoff’s laws.

Lecture 3-3. Wires.

Lecture 3-4. Batteries.

Lecture 3-5. Resistors.

Lecture 3-6. Capacitors.

Lecture 3-7. Inductors.

Lecture 3-8. RC circuits.

Lecture 3-9. RL circuits.

Lecture 3-10. AC circuits.

Lecture 3-11. LC circuits.

Waves and Optics

Lecture 4-1. The wave equation.

Lecture 4-2. Solutions to the wave equation.

Lecture 4-3. Superposition.

Lecture 4-4. Waves in multiple dimensions.

Lecture 4-5. Wave optics.

Lecture 4-6. Geometrical optics.