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Forest Ecosystem Dynamics Lab People

Current Members


Robbie Andrus


Aaron Wold


Paige Byassee

Paige Byassee doing field work at Rock Creek Ranch


  • Robbie, originally from Chimacum, WA, studies forest disturbances (bark beetles, fire) and the implications of climate change for forests. He received his Ph.D. from University of Colorado in 2019 where his research focused on forest recovery following disturbances and climate effects on forest demography in subalpine forests. He enjoys fly fishing, backcountry skiing, and mountain biking.


  • Aaron is from the Tall Grass Prairie of Kansas. He moved to Washington in 2014 where he has been learning and recreating ever since. Aaron joined the Meddens lab as a masters student in the spring of 2020 and is studying the effects of drought on range land, while maintaining an interest in wildfires.


  • Paige earned a B.S. in Ecology and a certificate in Geographic Information Systems from Appalachian State University. Upon joining the Meddens lab as a research technician in October, 2019, she explores spatial analysis methodologies for monitoring forest health. She enjoys rock climbing, mountain biking, and working in the field.

Past Members

Anthony Martinez

Anthony Martinez doing field work



  • Anthony earned a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Forest Management from the University of Washington, followed by a Master of Science in Natural Resources from the University of Idaho while working as a research assistant with Dr. Meddens. He now works for the US Forest Service as the silviculture forester for the 800,000-acre North Fork Ranger District of the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest.

Jasper Steenvoorden

Photo of Jasper Steenvoorden


  • Jasper earned a Master of Science at the University of Idaho with Dr. Meddens—completing a a thesis on the importance of fire refugia for the persistence of Greater sage-grouse in southeastern Oregon, which was recently published in the journal: Ecology & Evolution. Jasper now works as a teacher for the undergraduate Future Planet Studies program at the University of Amsterdam, which focuses on grand sustainability challenges, such as food production, water quality and quantity, sustainable energy, soils in a changing climate, and quality of life.