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Forest Ecosystem Dynamics Lab Research

Quantifying the effects of silviculture treatments on forest resilience to spruce beetle epidemics in Colorado


Tree reaction to spruce beetle attack.


PI’s: Arjan Meddens (U. of Idaho), Seth Davis (CSU), Mike Battaglia (USFS)

Funding: USDA Forest Service, Western Wildlands Environmental Threat Assessment Center (WWETAC)


  1. Assess recovery of forest dynamics following insect outbreaks for different (a) forest treatment levels, (b) intervals between stand treatment and disturbance, and (c) stand structure and composition using Landsat and MODIS imagery.
  2. Assess the spatial and temporal patterns and deviations of recovery for these different forest areas.
  3. Develop a management tool (ResilienceTracker) for monitoring the resilience of high-elevation Engelmann spruce forest


To accomplish our goals, we will use:

  • Field observations
  • Multi-temporal remote sensing methods
  • Forest Vegetation Simulator Modeling