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Dr. Michael Curry's Research at WSU


Dr. Michael Curry
Phone: (360) 546-9765
Located in Classroom (VCLS) 308 P

I received my doctorate in business administration from Manchester Business School, Manchester, UK, in the field of Management Information Systems in early 2014, and joined WSU later that Fall. I am a professor of management information systems and entrepreneurship who specializes in improving organizational value chains through the integration of technology. As part of the Business Growth Mentor and Analysis Program, I supervise student teams who contribute to small businesses prosperity. I also teach and conduct research on the synthesis of IT in business.


My experience consulting to 100+ organizations across a variety of industries provides a unique perspective on entrepreneurship and the application of technology that informs my work. I am motivated by a desire to better understand the mechanisms that contribute to higher quality outcomes in organizations.My current research explore how small businesses can improve IT Security practices.


Recent Publications

Journal Publications

Byron Marshall, Michael Curry, and Peter Kawalek. “Improving IT assessment with IT artifact affordance perception priming.” International Journal of Accounting Information Systems 19 (2015): 17-28.

Curry, M., Marshall, B., Kawalek P., (2014) “IT Artifact Bias: How exogenous predilections influence organizational information system paradigms“, International Journal of Information Management 34(4).

Marshall, B., Curry, M., Reitsma, R. (2011). Organizational Information Technology Norms and IT QualityCommunications of the IIMA, 11(4).


  • DBA, Information Systems, Manchester Business School
  • M.Sc., Computer and Information Science, University of Oregon
  • B.Sc., Computer Science, US Military Academy, West Point