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Biological Systems Engineering Ndegwa Research Site



My interests are in the development of sustainable livestock manure management systems, air and water quality control engineering, bio-energy or bio-fuels, and livestock odor emission control technologies. Specific research themes include: solids-liquid separation for nutrient management; manure characterization; aerobic and anaerobic digestions or treatments (with and without cell-immobilization); Nutrients transport in soils; bio-conversion of livestock waste (composting and vermicomposting); natural livestock-wastewater treatment systems; characterization and quantification of odor, gaseous, and particulate emissions from livestock facilities; and modeling of bio-environmental systems.

Dr. Pius Ndegwa

Email Dr. Ndegwa
(509) 335-8167

Paccar 348
PO Box 646120
Biological Systems Engineering
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-6120