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Department of Psychology Pedagogical Research Lab


In every college classroom, students encounter instructional strategies that are intended to impart knowledge and understanding of a topic. In some cases, these instructional techniques are tried-and-true instructional approaches and in other cases, the approach is novel and innovative. The importance of knowing, through empirical methods, whether some strategies are more effective than others has never been greater as technology pervades every aspect of students’ lives, as more and more students find themselves distributing their time between multiple obligations, and as the workforce requires graduates with a strong skill base.

In my research, I focus on the effectiveness of instructional strategies and related student factors. My current interests include evaluating instructional strategies in Elementary Statistics in Psychology (Psych 311) as well as statistics anxiety. In my research and practice, I have two goals: 1) ease the anxiety that many students have coming into a statistics course, and 2) convey statistical concepts in a way that are relevant and interesting, and enduring.