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Spectrum Profiles

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Lucia Peixoto


Sleepy mice with autism-linked mutation struggle to fall asleep:


Neuromuscular junction

The Peixoto lab received an award from the Simons foundation:

Child under blanket

Dr. Peixoto contributed to an online SFARI workshop discussed in the SFARI meeting report:

SFARI | SFARI workshop explores sleep challenges in autism spectrum disorder


Sleep Illustration

Our Ingiosi et al., 2019 eLIFE article was featured in Science Translational Medicine:

SHANK3 puts autism to sleep (

Child trying to Sleep

Findings from the Peixoto lab presented at the 2019 Annual International Society for Autism Research meeting are summarized in this report:

Sleep struggles in autistic people may have genetic basis | Spectrum | Autism Research News (

Brain Cells