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Murrow Political Communication Research Group The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication

Donaway Wins 1st Place at the GPSA Research Exposition

Congratulations to Rebecca Donaway for taking home 1st place in the Social Sciences Division at the GPSA Research Exposition for her poster titled “Is sharing really discussion? An examination of predictors of political discussion online and in person.” Rebecca is currently working on continuing this line of research with a paper that will be submitted to AEJMC’s conference this summer. Great work Rebecca!



Murrow PolCom Students Win Honorable Mention at MAPOR!

Congratulations to Murrow PhD students and PolCom members Kyle Lorenzano and Meredith Wang! Kyle and Meredith, along with retired member Minseon Jeong (now a PhD student at Ohio State), will receive an Honorable Mention for MAPOR’s 2015 Doris Graber Student Paper Award for best public opinion paper this Friday (20th Nov) at 3:00 PM for their paper “Relationship of news media consumption, political efficacy and the moderating effect of political interest in the U.S. 2012 Presidential Election.”

Great job representing Murrow in Chicago!

Well Represented at AEJMC

Congratulations to all of the Murrow PolCom members who presented at AEJMC: Faculty members Pori Borah, Myiah Hutchens, and Jay Hmielwoski, in addition to students Chan Chen, Kyle Lorenzano and Miles Sari. Go Cougs!

IMG_20150806_090929595[1] IMG_20150807_140159934[1]poster reception

Upcoming Conferences: ICA, WAPOR, CIRC

Murrow PolCom members are going to be busy in the next few weeks presenting at conferences at various locations around the world.

Wenjie Yan will be presenting “Entrapment of Egocentrism: Perceptions of Bias, Expectancies, and Deliberation Preparation” at ICA in Puerto Rico on May 25th. She also will be presenting “The Internet and Public Evaluation of the Media System in China” at WAPOR in Buenos Aires, Argentina in June. Pori Borah will also be presenting at WAPOR.

PhD student Cathy Yu will present  “SNS Use by the Chinese Government: examining the communication mechanism of political microblogging in China” at the 13th Chinese Internet Research Conference on May 28 in Edmonton, Canada.

Congratulations to all our members and have fun in your various locations!

Congratulations Nicole!

Murrow College PhD student Nicole O’Donnell was awarded a $500 scholarship for her oral presentation at the 2015 William R. Wiley Research Exposition. Her paper, “Constructing Memories of War through Nonfiction Film” was the second place submission in the liberal arts category. She also recently presented her research on visual identity at the 2015 Popular Culture American Culture Association National Conference.

Way to go Nicole!

Hmielowski & Hutchens paper accepted to IJPOR

Jay Hmielowski, Michael Beam (Kent State), and Myiah Hutchens recently had a paper accepted for publication at the International Journal of Public Opinion research. Their paper looked at whether the effects of TV news viewing on polarization changed after 1996. 1996 serves as an important year because the US Congress passed the 1996 Telecommunication Act, which opened the door to partisan media outlets on cable (e.g., Fox News, which started broadcasting in 1996). Their results showed an increase in polarization post-1996. More importantly, they found that TV new use did not contribute to increased levels of polarization prior to 1996. However, post-1996 they found that the more time spent with TV news was associated with higher levels of polarization.

Flaming Paper at Cyber Psychology

Vincent Cicchirillo (University of Texas at Austin), Jay Hmielowski, & Myiah Hutchens recently had a paper accepted for publication at the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking. Their paper looked at the relationship between watching more contentious political news content (e.g., Hannity, The O’Reilly Factor) and people’s perceptions of whether it is acceptable to use aggressive tactics when talking about politics with other people online. Their study found a mainstreaming effect of watching this content on people’s perceptions and willingness to use aggressive tactics in online discussion spaces. Specifically, people with higher levels of trait verbal aggression (i.e., individuals who tend to use aggressive tactics when communicating with others) showed decreases in their willingness and perceived acceptability of using aggressive tactics when talking to others online. By contrast, individuals low in verbal aggression showed greater tendencies to use aggressive tactics and perceive this as acceptable behavior. Their article can be found in the most recent issue of Cyberpsychology here.

Hutchens, Hmielowski & Beam in latest Mass Communication & Society

Myiah Hutchens, Jay Hmielowski, and Michael Beam (Kent State) were published in the latest issue of MC&S. Their research examined the relationship between partisan media and structural knowledge utilizing understanding of the Affordable Care Act as the content area of interest. They examined whether or not exposure to partisan media had differential effects on attitudinal ambivalence – holding both positive and negative attitudes towards an object – based on the political ideology of the respondent, and whether or not this impact of ambivalence influenced structural knowledge. Their results show that exposure to attitude-consistent media decreased attitudinal ambivalence. This exposure to attitude-consistent media results in a positive indirect effect on structural knowledge through this decrease in ambivalence. The reverse effect was observed for use of attitude-inconsistent media. The full article can be found here.

Congratulations to Miles Sari!

PolCom member Miles Sari was recently awarded Top Student Paper at Western States for his paper “Painting the New Face of Terrorism: An Ethical Evaluation of Rolling Stone’s Feature on Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.” This paper was based on research he did on his undergraduate thesis. Congratulations to Miles and we can’t wait to see what he continues to do in the program at Murrow!