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Population Genomics of microorganisms and their hosts in health and disease People

Undergraduate research in the lab

Those of you interested in the lab and doing genomics research I encourage you to contact other undergraduates currently working in the lab or that have left the lab to gain a general idea of what we do and what is the working dynamics. Below you will find the current undergraduates doing research in the lab and a brief description of their interests.

Sarah Kehr

I am an undergraduate transfer student from Idaho State University and came to Washington State University to complete my BS in Medical Technology. My original goal with choosing WSU was Biomedical Engineering but a fateful Parasitology class introduced me into the microscopic living world. Interested by parasitic/host interactions, I joined the Population Genomics lab. I assist Joel Nelson in his research of recombination rates and selective pressures in the malaria vector Anopheles Gambiae.