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Pratt Lab Applied Aquatic Ecology

Applied Aquatic Ecology

Our research

North_Fork_of_the_John_Day_River_(Umatilla_County,_Oregon_scenic_images)_(umaDA0157)Our work focuses on applying ecological principles to the solution of applied problems in freshwater ecology.

Ecological Restoration

What are the predictors, effects, and timelines for restoring damaged ecosystems?

Example projects

  • Evaluating restoration of the Middle Fork John Day River following multiple restoration activities.  (Robin Henderson)
  • Response of an artificial, treatment wetland to vegetation removal and maintenance.  (Max Burner)


How do freshwater species and communities respond to toxic materials?2spiro

Example projects

  • Response of freshwater plankton communities to long-term metals deposition. (Yessica Carnley)
  • Rapid toxicity tests for screening consumer chemicals.  (Geoff Schramm)