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Department of Psychology Resilience Lab

Our team has developed the first and only (to our knowledge) research-based intervention designed to increase psychological resilience in undocumented college students.
The workbook is available to purchase here.

Recommendations for effective use:

  • It is essential to provide information to students about services at your university available to undocumented students. In using the workbook at our university, we embedded detailed information about our university’s Multicultural Student Services center and the Crimson Group, which is specifically for undocumented students. There is a reference on p. 32 of the workbook directing the reader to brochures that may have been included with the workbook highlighting the multicultural resources available to them. Optimally, the workbook should be accompanied by visually-appealing brochures with detailed information about services available to them. In the absence of such brochures, the reader is directed to do a Google search of their university’s multicultural services, which is obviously much less desirable.
  • Our research has shown that the workbook is more effective when it is paired with weekly group meetings for undocumented students. The group support catalyzed the participants’ ability to use the strategies outlined in the workbook. At our university, we utilized four co-facilitators: two doctoral students in clinical psychology and two advanced undocumented students. An outline for organizing the group meetings is available from the first author, Paul Kwon, at Our groups met for eight consecutive weeks in the evening, and we also served dinner to participants to strengthen the bonds within the group.
  • For more detailed information regarding our pilot-testing of the workbook, both as a stand-alone self-help workbook and in conjunction with weekly group meetings, please contact Paul Kwon at
  • For use of this manual at Washington State University, please download this two-page document: WSU resources
  • A journal article describing our work on this project has been published and is available here. Please contact Paul Kwon at for any questions that you have about this article.