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Suji’s Korean Cusine

Suji's photo

Suji Park – CEO and Founder of Suji’s Korean Cuisine

Suji Park has dedicated her life to the discovery, creation, and enjoyment of good food. Suji attended the French Culinary Institute (now the International Culinary Center) where she honed her culinary talents and developed strong business acumen in the food industry. Spending over 10 years building 4 different businesses across Asia, Suji’s made friends with people from across the world, and seen food’s ability to truly unite people by giving them a common language of flavor. Inspired by her experiences and readied with the overwhelming success of her businesses, Suji decided it was time to bring the regional flavors of her native Korea to America’s kitchens with Suji’s Korean Cuisine.”




Suji & her team of culinary experts and food enthusiasts want to make Korean food a staple in every household across America.

Authentic flavors, simple ingredients, and convenience are at the core of everything that we do. Our mission is to make Korean food uncomplicated, approachable, and enjoyable by bringing the bold flavors of Korea from our kitchen to your table through global, creative, and modern recipes.

Please visit Suji’s Korean Cuisine’s website.