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Dr. Sindhuja Sankaran Phenomics Lab

Datasets and Scripts


Zhang, C., Umani, K., McGee, R.J., Vandemark, G. J., and Sankaran, S. 2023. A pulse crop dataset of agronomic traits and multispectral images from multiple environments [Dataset]. Zenodo.

Sangjan, W., McGee, R.J., and Sankaran, S. 2023. Evaluation of forage quality in a pea breeding program using a hyperspectral sensing system [Dataset]. Zenodo,

Sexton, T., Sankaran, S., and Cousins, A. 2021. Predicting photosynthetic capacity in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) using shortwave infrared spectral reflectance [Dataset]. Zenodo,

Marzougui, A., Ma, Y., McGee, R.J., Khot, L., and Sankaran, S. 2020. Generalized Linear Model with Elastic Net Regularization and Convolutional Neural Network for Evaluating Aphanomyces Root Rot Severity in Lentil [Dataset]. In Plant Phenomics. Zenodo.


Zhang, C., Hinojosa, L., Murphy, K., and Sankaran, S. 2021. Seed color and size analysis using sample quinoa images. Zenodo,

Zhang, C., and Sankaran, S. 2020. Semi-automated plot segmentation and image features extraction from UAV-based orthomosaic images in Matlab (V1.0). Zenodo,