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Dr. Sindhuja Sankaran Phenomics Lab


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Sarah Sanzebin

Khairul Islam



Josie Dieu

Gabrielle Moore




Sarah is an electrical engineering major who currently studies at Columbia University. In her free time, she is often making miniature clay creations and playing with her two cats, Guppy and Twinkle. Mentor: Dr. Mike Pumphrey. Project Title: Comparing performance of 4A QTL on agronomic and spectral traits in wheat varieties.




Hi, I’m Khairul Islam, a senior studying Computer Science and Engineering. I have a strong passion for software design and love exploring new technologies. My interests lie in Service-Oriented Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. I’m constantly learning and staying updated in these areas. In the future, I aspire to pursue research at the intersection of technology and various disciplines like health, agriculture, and government, not just limited to the tech sector. Originally from Bangladesh, I moved to the States in 2011. This multicultural background has shaped my perspective and instilled a global outlook. With a blend of technical expertise, a thirst for knowledge, and a diverse worldview, I’m excited to make a meaningful impact in the world of technology. Mentor: Dr. Subhanshu Gupta. Project Title: Enhancing network reception through directional antenna synchronization.


Josie Dieu is currently a student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics and Data Science at the University of Arizona with plans to continue education through graduate school. Outside of school, Josie has many hobbies including outdoor activities (hiking, hunting, fishing, etc.), reading, and cooking. Mentor: Dr. Rebecca McGee. Project Title: Evaluation of seed treatments on various pea cultivars using multispectral unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).



Hello, my name is Abby Moore and I am currently finishing my science transfer degree at Columbia Basin Community College in Tricities, WA. I will be transferring to WSU to complete a Biochemistry degree and will be striving for graduate school for Plant Pathology. I will be working with Lisa DeVetter on raspberry color analysis. In my free time I love taking care of my large plant collection and working propagation techniques as well as keeping my hands busy with my young rescue lab.