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Steve Sylvester's Research Site Associate Professor



Arts and Sciences
Molecular Biosciences


Phone: (360) 546-9724
Located in Life Sciences (VSCI) 230D
Office Hours: by e-mail appointment
Support Staff: Andrea Hanmann
Course ID Title Meeting TimeLocationSemesterSyllabus
MBioS 303Introductory Biochemistry
ESRP 4XX-5XXHuman Health and the Environment
ESRP 4XX-5XXEnvironmental Chemistry and Toxicology
Sci 220DNA Today


In my laboratory, we view the world at the molecular level with a bent toward reproductive processes. We try to identify molecules in the environment that may alter reproductive processes in plants and animals.  We are currently trying to identify pheromones in a introduced predatory snail that costs the oyster industry millions of dollars per year. We are also trying to regulate reproduction in fish to improve protein production, reduce wastes, and restore populations. On the human side, we are trying to understand the processes by which contaminants accumulate in breast milk.

Graduate Students

Aaron Todd

Jon Anderson

Janel Skeen (co-advisee)