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Anthropology Tushingham Lab


The Tushingham Archaeological Research Laboratory and Working Group investigates deep-time human-environmental relationships and the evolutionary ecology of human systems, with a focus on hunting, gathering, and fishing communities in western North America. The lab is a center for archaeological research, archaeometric experimentation, and innovation that involves field, laboratory, and legacy collection studies in collaboration with descendant communities. We employ a broad range of methodological and theoretical approaches in numerous field and laboratory projects. Some of these projects and research themes include:

  • Houses and household dynamics in the Pacific Northwest Coast and Plateau
  • WSU Archaeological Field School
  • Historical ecology of coastal habitats and fisheries use
  • Evolution of psychoactive plant use
  • Landscape archaeology, placemaking, geospatial analysis, indigenous ontogenies
  • Plants and people
  • Women, leadership, and decision-making (past and present)
  • The evolution and diversity of storage
  • Human responses to stress
  • Equity and multivocality in STEM and the dissemination of knowledge
  • Public outreach and broader impacts projects e.g., WSU Pioneers in CRM 

Land Acknowledgment

The Tushingham Archaeological Research Laboratory is located on the traditional homeland of the Palus Band of Indians and the ceded lands of the Nez Perce Tribe. We acknowledge their presence here since time immemorial and recognize their continuing connection to the land, to the water, and to their ancestors.