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U.N. Umesh's Research Marketing

U. N. Umesh Ph.D

U. N. Umesh
Professor of Marketing


Phone: (360) 546-9760
Located in Classroom (VCLS) 208Q
Office Hours: E-mail me for a convenient time to meet or call (online students + others)


  • Ph.D. in Business Administration (Marketing), University of Washington
  • MBA (Marketing/Operations Management), University of Rochester
  • MS (Operations Research), University of Rochester
  • B-Tech (Mechanical Engineering), IIT Madras


Entrepreneurship; Biases in Decision-Making; Internet and E-Commerce; Quantitative Marketing Models; Statistical Models.

Selected Recent Publications

Peterson, Robert A. and U. N. Umesh (2018) “On Significance of Statistically Insignificant Results in Consumer Behavior Experiments,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Vol. 46, Issue 1, 81-91.

Shaffer, Monte, Kevin Chastagner and U. N. Umesh (2016), “International-Innovation Profiles and High-Tech Exports: Panel-Data Evidence that Lone Genius Matters,” Journal of International Marketing, Vol. 24, No. 3, pp. 98-120.

Wallace, David, Jean Johnson and U. N. Umesh (2009), “Multi-Channels Strategy Implementation: The Role of Channel Alignment Capabilities,” Decision Sciences, Vol. 40, Number 4(November), 869-900.

Salimath, Manjula S., John Cullen, and U. N. Umesh (2008), “Outsourcing and Performance in Entrepreneurial Firms:  Contingent Relationships with Entrepreneurial Configurations” Decision Sciences, Vol. 39, Number 3(August), 359-381.  The paper won “Best Article of the Year Finalist” at Decision Sciences and was in the running to win the Paper of the Year in Decision Sciences for 2008.

U. N. Umesh, Len Jessup and Minh Huynh (2007), “Current Issues Faced By Technology Entrepreneurs,”  Communications of the ACM, Vol. 50, No. 10 (October), 60-66

Krieger, Abba, Paul Green and U. N. Umesh (1998) “Effect of Level of Disaggregation on Conjoint Cross Validations:  Some Comparative Findings.” Decision Sciences, Vol. 29, No. 4(Fall), 1047-58.

Mishra, Sanjay, U.N. Umesh and Donald E. Stem (1993), “Antecedents of the Attraction Effect,” Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 30 (August), 331-349.

Umesh, U. N., Robert A. Peterson, Jr., Michelle McCann-Nelson and Rajiv Vaidyanathan (1996), “Type IV Error in Marketing: The Investigation of ANOVA Interactions,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Vol. 24, 1 (Winter), 17-26.

Umesh, U. N. (1995), “Predicting Nominal Variable Relationships With Multiple Response,” Journal of Forecasting, Vol. 14 (December), 585-596

Umesh U.N. and Robert A. Peterson Jr. (1991), “A Critical Evaluation of the Randomized Response Method:  Applications, Validation, and Research Agenda,” Sociological Methods & Research, Vol. 20, No. 1 (August), 104-138.

Umesh, U.N., Kathy Pettit and Carl S. Bozman (1989), “Shopping Model of the Time Sensitive Consumers,” Decision Sciences, Vol. 20, 4 (Fall), 715-729.