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Watts Lab News

Congratulations Jon!

Congratulations to Jon on completing is MS degree! We are very excited that Jon will be starting a PhD program this fall in the Population Biology Graduate Group at UC Davis working with Dr. Kate Laskowski. But, we will miss having him in the lab.

Welcome Ben and Kevin

We are excited to have two new members join the lab this fall. Ben Vernasco has joined the lab as a postdoc and Kevin Jones has joined as a PhD student.

New papers on temperature and timing of breeding in house finches

We’ve had a couple of recent papers examining how temperature influences the timing of breeding in house finches:

Effects of temperature on the timing of breeding and molt transitions in house finches in the Journal of Experimental Biology

Temperature-correlated shifts in the timing of egg laying in House Finches Haemorhous mexicanus in Ibis

You can find summaries of these studies here (British Ornithological Union blog), here (Cornell Lab of Ornithology NestWatch blog), and here (WSU news).

Watts lab has moved to WSU

The Watts lab has moved to the School of Biological Sciences at Washington State University. We are excited to be getting settled in Pullman, WA.

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